Saturday, November 3, 2012

Real books vs. eBooks

There are a lot of things I want to do, like reading all the best motivational books, learning photoshop more, blogging, preparing the books for my major subjects this 2nd semester. Definitely I can’t do it all simultaneously. I only have few days to relax before classes get started. It will be a busy semester for me, I got all 6 majors and I am also preparing myself for my practicum, hopefully. I am almost there to reach my dreams.

I am a frustrated reader. When I was a child, my father always encourages me to read books because he believes that by reading, you’ll get smarter, I don’t believe that at all, because I am just too lazy reading books, before I read it, I already fall asleep. Lels. Now that I am grown up, I certainly agree to my father! Hahaha today, I am always in a hurry to read books, I have downloaded ebooks, pdf about motivational books from bo sanchez, mitch albom, Rhonda byrne etc. They are one of those popular authors in time now. I am dying to read all of them in one day but I just couldn’t, I still have problems with my habit, I really adore people who are bookworm because they won’t stop until they finish the book. Wish I have that habit.

I love to watch books on the shelves but I don’t dare to get one and read, I am comfortable with our eBooks now. I have friends who still love to buy books from the store where I think every book now can be downloaded already from the net, they say, they still love to turn on the pages, to hold every page so they will feel the excitement of reading, well, that’s their views, they are comfortable with that and I still go for ebooks. Lol

I can’t stop downloading ebooks; I want to have them all in my adobe library so it will remind me to read whenever I have a free time. Wish in time, I have a good habit in reading. =)

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