Friday, November 2, 2012

Another good start to blog

I already have a lot in mind but I just couldn’t start blogging because I don’t feel like making a post when I know there’s a lot to work on with the blogsite. It’s not finish yet but I think this is better than how it look before. Anyway, I hope this is another good start for me to blog, to share what I know and feel towards the given life.

I got this feeling of excitement with the new look I made in this blog site. This is something between the light and dark theme. It does obviously mean that in reality, we go through darkness so that we will know how to appreciate when there’s light. Life is simple, we just make it complicated. People think too much, over do things as well, I myself is an over thinker, I don’t know and I couldn’t give an explanation why. I over do things, that’s why sometimes I can’t meet my own expectations. I get disappointed and frustrated but I rationalized things so It won’t give me heartaches.

Just like the blog header, the first thing I did was, I created a typography design on it but I have difficulties putting in the blogsite so I shifted it to something simple. I still won’t stop until I learn how to make it right. 

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