Thursday, November 8, 2012

This sharpens your brain!

With my allergy attack na naging super OA na, nakapag-absent ako sa work! Pffftt! While at home, I take the chance to finish watching the “suits” I so love both of them, Harvey and mike! Can’t stop, it’s addictive. I should finish the complete season 2 if weren’t for my classmates who texted me that we have a class by 4pm to 5:30 instead of 5:30-8:30. Caught in the middle! I only have 30 minutes to prepare myself, it’s 3:00 and I know I will be late.

after ritual and preparation... umalis na ako ng bahay.

Malas pa! I was waiting for a taxi pero wala! None pass infront of me!! Can you actually believe that in a city!? Ohh shaaxx!! It leaves me no choice but to ride a jeepney, in the middle of the city, there goes the traffic jam! When I realized I can’t get through with it, I stop, bumaba ako! I look for a motorcycle and shits again, no one is available to take me to school, it’s not their route, so I decided again to look for taxi, it took me 3 minutes waiting, oh thank I thought God wouldn’t answer my prayer!

I arrived 4:25 pm at the gate and I know I am sooo late with that, it’s the first day of class, my major! Shit I thought! Hahaha i ran into the lobby, up to the third floor, hiningal pa ako! When Im about to reach the classroom door, here’s the checker! (super inday as we call her, because she does a lot of things, she’s good, before you say it, she handed it to you!) for the faculty attendance, and boom! “you are super late!” I just couldn’t say something kasi hiningal pa ako! I got in, and guess what? Hindi pa nagsisimula yong clase! Nagtaxi pa ako! Hahaha Nagbayad ng 70 pesos para hindi ako malate! Sayang! Inisip ko nalang na kinain ko yong 70 pesos at hindi na ako nagdinner sa school para tipid na rin! Hahaha

Si Harvey at mike lang ang pwedi kong i-blame sa nangyari! I got hooked with episodes 1-8. I finished the 9 and 10 when I got home. Episode 9 broke me! I cried I felt it! It’s all done now, going to miss them until January of 2013. You must see it! It sharpens your brain! It did to me! Hahaha


  1. Hello Lala :)

    Thanks po for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    @topic, looks good yang american tv series na Suits ah. actually, di ko pa sya napapanood at dahil sa post mong ito, try kong maghanap sa net ng pwedeng panooran mamaya hehe.

    naku, ganyan talaga ang mga profs sa class nila tuwing first day ng semester, lagi silang late hehehe!

    have a good day!

  2. better late than never,hehe.....nag email ako sa

    i wait your reply....

  3. haha ako dame ko sinisisi sa mga puyat na naranasan ko hahaha lalo na ung heroes haha

  4. Nakakaadik ba? Minsan ganyan din ako. Dahil ayoko mabitin kaya nasasacrifice pati ibang bagay :)


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