Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kung dumikit sa hita, wagas!

Atch! Na allergy! Malas! It’s in my thigh and butt! Hahaha I was with this culminating activity, pang finals ang banat, we conducted it sa beach and guess what, it rained! Sucks! Eh!? But it’s really really fun that all of us enjoyed it! We sat on the sand, crawl and played a little games. We ended almost 12 in the midnight. The next morning, I just realized there’s something itchy in my legs up to my thigh and butt. I look into it and boom! Boom! It seems a lot of insects suck it! Hahaha shit!

3 days after, it’s gone. No treatment, no ointment. Then it’s a long weekend next dahil undas na. we went to my mother’s grave, my lola and lolo and other relatives. The last thing I remember, I only sat adjacent to my mom’s grave, hindi siya tiles pero pebbles lang to be specific. That night, doing my usual routine I felt again there’s something itchy. Fuck! There goes my allergy again! And I wondered how it happened, I only sat to that pebbles then? Boom! Again?! The hell!

Ang pangit ng pwet ko! I swear to mother earth! Hahaha I can’t even look kasi parang isang mukha lang na butas-butas dahil sinumpa ang pimples! When was that? Undas? Until now, paks! Hell! Nandito pa rin! I tried all the ointment, medicine, wa epeks! Oh man! My aunt-grandmother says baka isang “buyag” (I don’t know what’s the English or tagalog with that word) dahil may natapakan akong mga puntod na hindi ako nagpapaalam, I find it too much if that is kasi until now galit pa rin sila sa akin! Hahaha

I tried all the rituals to let this remove in my thigh, bumili na ako ng ingredients na ginagamit ng mga albularyo to take all away the evil spirits, wa epeks pa rin! Hahaha i made all the research in the internet about this, it all came out na dermatitis lang, simpleng reddish, may malaki at maliit, it’s like an insect bite,  it’s common to me, I always have this since I was a child, I just wondered bakit feel na feel pa rin niya hipoin ang hita ko! Ang bastos naman ng dermatitis  nato! I need to take anti-histamine so I will have a good sleep at night! Hope not to see it the next morning dahil it’s really itchy! Hahaha


  1. pagaling ka po ha i know how it feels pag may ganyan haha hirap

  2. Hala baka na nuno ka. dyuk. Walang picture? hehe. sana gumaling na :)


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