Friday, September 28, 2012

What it is really?

I just couldn’t figure out what makes me so sad right now. I know there’s still pain in my heart and so much I wanted to dig within it, I just couldn’t. I recognized the feeling but i felt like all the things I’ve done now just to make myself busy is not enough to occupy everything including my soul. What’s in there anyway? That I couldn’t explain it even.

I can’t take back everything, I can’t go back to the time where I have cherished the most. I know and I am aware of what is happening, I can’t say I am not doing anything because I know I have done so much that I couldn’t even attend on my own wants, I tried everything so much just to leave and ignore what’s in my heart but there were memories I can’t just throw it away and I believed, those memories can’t be thrown away easily when I know a part of me is with that memories.

I am hurt for no reason, I can’t even figure it out where that came from now. I can’t say that I am okay, maybe I am just confused? Troubled mind and heart? Stressed out? Tired? Probably I am just sleepy for it’s already 2:22 in the morning. 
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