Monday, March 31, 2014

You, just made a difference!

All of a sudden, I remembered I still have this, my blog! Woooootttt.. the last time I had an update was January 11, 2014, kumusta  naman?!! (spleeett! Haha)

For 3 months, oh my God! Rroooowwwttss!!!

A lot of things happened and I guess some of you knew it through my facebook account. To the left, to the right, forward, backward ang requirements ko for my final year. Really. I don’t want to elaborate that because I don’t want to bore you at all. Charr!!!

So much to that, I just wanted to say thank you to PBO members and especially Mommy joy. You guys will always be part of my success in life. I am glad that along my journey, I have met you all. My special mention to my very very best buddy online blogger, si feyel! Yes si feyel! Those times that nobody knows how down I was during the compilation of requirements that something came up, he was there to brighten up my day, to lighten up the heavy heart and never get tired of listening to my stupid woes. (at ang very best goal now din is we will have a picture of us!! to justify why we are best buds online!! charroottss!! hahahaha) I am tough, I am strong but even how strong I am, minsan nagbbreakdown ako, simply because I am just a human too.  Yes hindi ako hayop, tao ako! Lol echus!

On serious note, I made you all as my inspiration to aspire more in life, to believe that dreams come true one day, to this, I know I can extend more of my time and life to those who are in need. Honestly, I just don’t want to do that, what I really want is to make a big unique difference to everybody.  Something that I can be their inspiration in getting their dreams, to believe as well that dreams are not just dreams, they are made to happen.  Thank you once again for the small and big things, those simple laughs, thoughts and little hi’s and hello’s, you are making a difference in my life. Thank you guys.

I got it! I made it! One chapter ends and another is ready to open! Hello Social Work Board Review!

Above all, Thank you God for leading me to my purpose in life. Becoming an architect is not my destination; indeed becoming a Registered Social Worker is my call. 

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