Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If you just want to know what's my secret

I just remembered when I started to face my life after the death of my mother, I am trying to search my own soul, myself and I have been so bothered with a lot of things, there’s a lot in my mind but I couldn’t find a way to express it. I am known to a few close friend of mine that I am not a talky type person, I seldom talk about my emotions and feelings, I am afraid of giving comments because I don’t to hurt other people as much as possible.
I believed in the power of mind, kasi when I told myself that I need to break the silence, I need to express what I feel, what’s inside my heart and what I am thinking, it happened in just one click. Its TRUE that if you want it, you will have it. In the case I had, it was a week that I am emotionally unstable. After work and class I couldn’t help but cry or i always feel that anger in my heart. Since hindi ko na kaya, I decided to consult a social worker in our department to seek a professional help.

I talked to our program coordinator who is a social worker licensed. I was crying and crying, I am not satisfied sa ano man ang iniyak ko, she just let me cry everything, she gave me a room to let out all my anger, hatred and my hidden feelings that moment. Parang isang doctor lang din sya na binigyan ako ng resita, yong resita na hindi gamot but a resita na dapat kong panoorin baka sakali daw magbago ang perspective ko sa buhay.

I downloaded what she told me, I tried to watch it but sa simula pa lang nabored ako eh so I ignore it. Kebs lang ako!! In denial pa rin ako in everything to what I feel, I am starting to understand what is really going on sa sarili ko pero andon pa rin yong galit ko sa pagkawala ng mom ko dahil she died na puro pasakit ng mundo ang binigay sa kanya, okay lang kasi yong walang ibang taong involved pero dahil there are people caused her too much pain, yon ang mahirap tanggapin.

One Sunday we had a personal encounter activity sa social work class namin. We were given a chance to speak one by one our strength, weaknesses and threat sa dreams at buhay namin. So I speak for myself. I thought that’s the end. The following day I come to visit her for just a small talk, kala ko she forgot kung ano2x ang mga pinagsasabi ko pero alam pa rin niya and sobrang natinag ako to what she just told me that moment “tapos na yon!! Leave it behind, tapos na ang sa mama mo, siya yon at ikaw ang ngayon, gawin mo ang para sayo hindi para sa mama mo!!” yong halong may galit pa talaga. Wala akong masabi, parang nahiya ako na hindi ko maexplain ang feeling ko that moment. At dahil dun, yong resita na sabi ko na binigay niya, I tried to watch it, this time pinagtyagaan ko, then i have learned kung ano talaga ang gusto niya mangyari sa buhay ko and ito ako ngayon I can say I am better, I have moved on and accept those things na noon parang ang hirap2x at ang feeling ko everyday was I am always hurt. I also learned her secret in life through the resita she gave me it’s “the secret.”

You might want to watch it, baka makatulong din sa inyo. Ngayon, I am learning also to accept the law of attraction in our life. Life is a little better now kahit lagi pa rin akong confused sa mga ilang bagay!! Punyeteks!! hahaha


  1. Sis, I just want to share to you this verse too from the Bible.

    "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." Revelation 21:4

  2. i hope that you find peace with yourself, be happy of who you are and what you are, experience, life struggles, happy moments makes us better people and i hope that you can see that. with this blog i think that you are a strong person, to be able to share what you ve had and what you are, it is more than enough. just be true to your self and be happy

  3. a coworker told me about the book, pero hindi ko din naman binasa.

  4. Naku quin, hindi ko alam sasabihin ko. Parehong-pareho tayo. I'm sorry ha nito lang kasi ako naging follower ng blog mo. I also lost my mother, one year and half ago. Im battling with the same feeling as yours, but then God embrace me, fill the emptiness in my heart. Yung blog ko din yung isa sa mga naging resort ko. Sa ngayon, mlaki na din yung naging adjustment sa buhay ko. I have learned na hindi naman kailangan mabuhay in a way na wala siya. I live my life na parang anjan lang siya, besides andito lang naman siya sa puso ko. Alam mo i wanna know you better, siguro kasi we have the same struggles.

  5. ang masabi ko lang magpakatatag lang at harapin ang pagsubok........

  6. mas OK ang video at audiobook version ng The Secret kasi may mga sound effects mas nakakaengganyo panoorin kumpara sa book version.

    merong second book nyan, The Power. ok din.

    I've tried yung Law of Attraction and it really works heheh kinilabutan pa nga ako nung narealize ko na yun yung inattract ko.

    What she said about your mom is true. Live in the "now".

  7. @ILE: thanks for that, it reminds me on how god embraced me those moments.

    @YELLOWBELLS: Thanks for that wonderful encouragement, i appreciate what u have said, i know i am strong but not that strong enough to face another trial sa buhay ko, kinakaya ko basta kaya ko lang.

    @KM: if wala kang magawa at gusto mong magtyaga try mo watch the movie baka makatulong hehe

  8. @JHENGPOT: its been hard losing someone we loved dearly lalo na pag isang nanay mo, i feel the pain, i struggle pero i survived with the thought of kung mabubuhay man sya after she was in the icu and vege na, maghihirap pa rin sya kaya part of it i accepted na mas mabuti na yong hindi siya mahirapan even how painful to let her go. life must go on and i am happy to find a new life here too in blogging.

    @ARVIN: salamat kuya, yon na ata ang ginagawa ko kasi wala akong choice.

    @BLAKRABIT: Thanks blakrabit, il try to search what youve told me. i need that to inspire me more and to motivate myself. thanks thanks hehehe


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