Thursday, December 11, 2014

The TeleMoves

One day I will be able to break my own silence, it’s been almost a year already and yes I know I have moved on from the fact that I had to get through one of the toughest way I could just to understand & help myself believing that there are things in life are not the same the way it has to be.

I told myself then, I should focus on the things na meron ako, forget those nawala because basically they aren’t that important to be with you sa darating na umaga. I think so. I never said that I was right all along. I am just being honest to not just what I think I feel but I am being true to my emotions towards such situation. For all the things I went through in life, I believe naman na I was prepared in the past to face what’s for today. I just can’t believe I made it through all the way! I swear and I admit that it was one hell ride of my life back then.

I am very happy of what I have become after everything. I learn to be humble enough, put some humility to myself, I even learn to listen more. I think the best part there was, I learn to know about what I am capable of and what I want to be as a human being. I learn to value gratitude after all & give away all the love I could share to those who are in need.

It’s just so ironic that because people seen you as a strong woman, a person that would never break in, no one would think or maybe ask “how are you!” that’s really funny to me, really! Why? Everybody thinks that “kaya” mo ang lahat, super duper woman ka sa lahat ng bagay which is a big MALI! We all have our own breaking moments, maybe it’s just that strong people don’t show it often. I always did that however, I just managed it in my own way thinking that “I know there are people out there na mas mabigat pa yong problema nila kaysa sa akin” so I just leave it that way anyway!

Whatever it is, I am pretty sure that I am on my way of getting my own dreams. I may look back one day, but I know it will never be the same then. I am just happy of what I am today & I am living my life according to God’s plan. God must have a great reason why things just happened that way. As long as I know I am not hurting anybody, I am fine with that.

So long & God Bless you always!

Wwwooootttt.. seryus mode akech! Haha 


  1. This is one of the signs of the end of days. Serious na si Lala. Hahahaha! Biro lang. Basag trip mode ako ngayon. Hehehehe... Anyway...

    It's good to be back here para tumambay ulit sa mga comment box mo. Why do you sound like you're in a mid-life crisis? Whatever happened to you?

    Malapit na Pasko. Don't ruin your holiday by soaking yourself deep in a problem that's not supposed to involve you with.

  2. this is stupid nga eh coz i was supposed to write something happy and it turned out to be this! hahahaha fuck! hahaha i am not saying that this is my definition of happiness neither being sad pero hindi ko alam bakit ganito ang resulta, kulang ako sa kain these past few days siguro hahaha

  3. That is the right attitude. We all learn from everything we are going through or from everything that happened. Looking back, we can see God's work in every bit of it:)

  4. One of my favorite subjects is not taught in school - the study of human nature. I'm fascinated by what makes people do what they do. I look at it without any judgement, but only as a way to gain insight - and for me to get a deeper understanding of myself.

    I believe we are on this life to find our true nature. This I know to be true: we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around as most people have been conditioned to accept.

    Our lifetime is just a short trip. We are here to learn to become better human beings. The experiences that hurt us, like those you have suffered, made us stronger - taught us to be more compassionate to our fellowmen.

    Hopefully, we can live as to make this a better world while we are still here. Life is beautiful - but we're only passing through.

    "We're on the road, we move from place to place,
    and oftentimes when I'm about to call it home,
    we'd have to move along..."~ Jose Mari Chan, Constant Change


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