Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rub that alcohol more

Under the influence of rubbing alcohol. Lol

Weeee. Woot. I think I am going to burst this out personally or might as well just slip it over a couple of glasses. You know what I mean, I am very good & confident in telling the truth but I just couldn’t say it right to your face. There are hundreds of thoughts exchanged, thousands of word expressed but the truth about you & me, I just find it so hard to tell, so complicated even.

When I let you go that moment, I know that was the best thing I could do. I am following my dreams as you also did. It’s been years I think. I almost forgot what we were, what we had. Life just change so fast. I can’t even remember the last time I said I am going to wait. I am not the same anymore, I am not the person you used to know. I am happy of what I have become, this is not about you after all, I became who I am today because this is what & where I want to be. I forgot the feeling of being cared & loved by someone, or maybe I just ignored that anyway.

Wtf! I wanted to finally divulge this blogsite, for you to know what I’ve been in my life, do you really care? Coz now, I don’t anymore. A few rounds of glasses, this made me stupid, thinking & deciding probably. I am on my way now of starting a new path, my head is telling me that I want you to ride & take a journey together but this amazes me because you know what, my heart doesn’t want to anymore, I swear! I can’t find you in there & I am very happy of this discovery. This is I think – FAIR enough though.

I just love what I have right now & whom I am with – my family & friends, that is. This is the first & last time I am going to share what I had with you in the past. I just couldn’t do it anymore. The fuck it is! Lol but that’s the truth. I can’t deal it. I can’t fight it. My heart belongs to someone I think – that! I never meet it, yet or I may be I met him already but isn’t yet our time. This is the only thing I knew, you’ve seen my worst & supposedly you deserve my best but I just couldn’t afford it anymore to share what I’ve got now & what I think the best I could give. I just simply don’t find you anywhere anymore. I can finally say this, I am closing a chapter of my life where you were there. Thank you, that’s all I can say.

Christmas beers are not advisable! Lol


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