Friday, December 14, 2012

We both miss it

When I was in my first course in college, I have this guy bestfriend, I can defined him as refined, religious and funny.  We’ve seen our growth, we shared good and bad memories until situation parted our ways. We made a promise once that we will finish first our course bago mag-gf and mag-bf, I could still recall the 5 thousand pesos pustahan, whoever get into a relationship first will pay 5 thousand pesos. We’re still teenagers! We think that way! Hahaha

He was my bestfriend, and I was the last person to know nagkaroon siya ng girlfriend, and boom! I hated him so much that I wanted to throw him from the 5th floor where our department belongs. I verbally expressed that I hate him, that he broke our usapan and I was really afraid that hindi siya makatapos dahil masisira ang buhay niya dahil sa pag-ggf! it’s not about the money but it’s loyalty and word of honor. Ang stupid ng isip ko noon! Hahaha now I realized how stubborn and selfish I was!! And it really happened, he stopped, he didn’t go to school anymore, I haven’t heard about him ever since.

A year or two I think, he came back to school, he tried to approach me but I was already closed. I still expressed my emotions that I was really mad at him. (i have no other reason of being mad except that promise, I don’t have any feelings for him!! He is just a friend to me!) Every time he wanted to talk to me, I refused and I openly express that he has no room in my life anymore. I lost him, she lost me.

More than 6 years had passed, maybe, I can’t count it. Our path crossed online, we talked sa ym, I even forgot na nag-away pala kami noon! Hahaha shit ang utak ko! Hahaha tan-enah!! He told me “I want to tell you that I consider you really as my bestfriend” and oh my god!! As in like, hell! I said “yeah, me too and I missed you” simple as that. Then our communication went off again because I keep on changing numbers at that time dahil may issue din ako sa own life ko! Hahaha and I know he is been busy also sa girlfriend niya, sa work and even his past time – online games.

Lately, I was online sa fb and I saw his updated profile, I come to like one of his updates and unexpectedly biglang beep! “hey musta?” and the conversation ended into having a coffee kapag may time. And I said “we need to catch up” and he replied “yah, a lot!” and I realized how many days of his lives I missed, the memories we should create, the laughter that we both shared and the ups and downs in his life being his best friend, I wish I was there walking with him.

Now we’re texting back again, just now and decided to meet tomorrow after how many years I avoided him, I ignored him. What I only wish now is I hope we could still patch things up and create new memories. Things may be different this time between us as best of friends, but let’s just see, kwento ko nalang bukas! Hahaha para may thrill naman! hehehe


  1. i guess this is the right time to do it...mag papask and life would be good for both of you!

  2. Tamang tama. magpapasko. :) Tamputampuhan ang peg mo. HAHAH! Feeling ko nag selos kalang nung nagka GF sya. Dyok lang! :D

    Pero that's good. World peace! :) Aabangan ko ang next kwento. Sana with pictures din, yung malalaki na yung mga kano sa picture sa itaas! ;)

  3. syempre kahit anong mangyari, mag best friends forever pa din kayo diba? kaya enjoy nyo lng yang good moments together :)

  4. what a roller coaster like relationship you has, haha
    ang cute ng friendship nu,
    well my best friend ako nung HS gay soy after high school nilayuan ko sya para iwas rumors na din but still our friendship goes on even di kami ganu nagkikita

  5. Namiss ko si BFF ko. :"( Isa sa pinakamasayang kasama sa buhay ay ang best friend kaya create new memories na and make bridge again :) Regards kay best friend (feeling close?) dyuk!

  6. love this! sabi ko na e good vibes blog mo hehe..


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