Sunday, January 11, 2015

Masakit sa panga na Birthday Special

Just before anything else, I assume to insert the song “ayokong tumanda” hahaha

It is a late birthday post! Yes nalang! Busy slight. Chos!

I can’t thanked enough those people who made my birthday a “real” happy birthday! Hahaha and a complete one. Those who greeted me through text, personal facebook & twitter, THANK YOU! You have been part of my special day & I will keep all your thoughts, wishes and messages.

Just before my birthday, I intentionally bake my chocolate moist cake – 3 days ago I think because “habang tumatagal, lalong sumasarap!” parang tanduay rum lang ang peg eh! Hahaha sa sobrang excited ko ata, I made a mistake hahaha so hindi naging flat ang cake, naging mukhang basin lang naman hahaha

My friends surprised me with a magic candle, just prior to that I was very anxious that they bought a candle na saktong edad ko talaga, it’s like I’ve been telling them “sige, I won’t blow that candle!” YEAH I am still in denial stage, be it! Wala naman yan sa edad eh, it’s just how you live your life! Hahaha (explain dot com haha)

So we had a wonderful intro birthday of lighting the sparklers! Yey! Then blowing of candles, I realized 5 secs after that hindi mauubos yong candle pala kasi nga magic candles! Nganga! Hahaha so I just keep on blowing it until I said that “ang sakit na ng panga ko!” hahaha sabay may shortness of breathe na! hahaha

Aside from the blowing of candles, laughter and smiles that moment, the most important lesson I learned was “time is very important” you’ll never know how long your family & friends will stay by your side, to make you laugh, smile and feel loved. Basta, masaya ako sa birthday ko & that’s it! I am making the most of my life!

Anyways, my birthday was full of realization also. Life is too short to waste, to worry and to dwell on something that does not belong anymore to your future as much as to your present. I have lost some of my gold in the year 2014 and everything just made sense today, I have gained so much, a diamond instead, very priceless and rare - & God made me realized on that day. Thank you to my ever dearest loved ones – Bonjing, Juan, Imyang, Mecmec and Adah. I don’t have to elaborate everything here, I have said enough already & a simple Thank you for making my birthday possible and a memorable one to all of us. I love you to the moon and back!

I can’t post those birthday presents coz u know my mobile is getting so old! Hahaha the file is in my mobile, I can’t retrieve it. Sarreeh! But really, thank you Bonjing for the motivation gift – sketch pad & frame of mount apo of davao (before 2020 ang target, we’ll be there together!! Haha) Thank you Imyang & ada for the sling bag & sandal – believe it or not ate poch said “how did they know ur taste?!” so like I said then, ur just guessing! Hahahaha and of course to juan for my quaker oats! Yeay! 2 pax so the pressure is so ON! Haha I love the face towel and spoon, that will be used while eating my oats hahaha charot!

THANK YOU again my loved ones – you’ve been a great part of me & I mean it what I have told you all – you were one of those friends, I wanted to grow up with, to cry and laugh with, to have simple conversations late at night, to drink coffee together as well you know the other way around hahaha You all are the best thing that has ever happened to me in the year 2014 and looking forward this year for travels, adventures and more laughter & bloopers. 


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you! May God bless you!

    “Masakit sa panga because of the smiles that your friends give to you” is better than nganga because of walang kasama. Super saya mo teh, dama ko yun. I feel envious of you. Charot!

  2. So happy for you. More years to come :)


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