Monday, January 26, 2015

Beauty & Madness

Kailangan iplay tong kanta habang nagbabasa 
para mas ramdam ang blog entry! hahaha chos! 

Last night I couldn’t sleep and it’s 3 am in the morning approximately. I browse my computer files and one folder gave me so much confusion so I opened it, to my surprise, halos lumabas yong mata ko – im thinking at that moment “the fuck! Na-save ko ito?!” then the next thing happened was ang bilis ng tibok ng puso ko, sumasakit ang tiyan ko, that’s the feeling na ayaw ko ng maramdaman chos! So, I read the files.

It was an email and some blog entry. Right now, how long it has been already? This is one of those I haven’t talked it about for years, I kept it. So like because I saw it, now I felt like it’s about time for me to talk about him. Maybe. He is one of us. Yes. I remember my jokes to some blogger friends na “uy! Masarap kaya na blogger yong bf mo!” deep inside of me, super yes but I just couldn’t say it, I don’t know, I tried to but I just don’t have enough guts to say it.

Two of us lasted for almost a year & it was all worth it. Why? We spent our days as if it’s our last. Distance was never an issue, hello technology it is. Until the day he came through that door of an airport. I was stunned & I couldn’t hold my breath & I got so afraid. That kind of fear I couldn’t explain, I just don’t know where to put all those feelings. I had a dream to reach at that time; my thoughts are running so fast, I couldn’t grasp it for a second either.  He simply hugged me like he is just hugging a big panda or a bear, we’ve been so best of friends, partners in all kinds but I broke down. I ran away from him for almost an hour, I came back where I left him and told him “parang I can’t go on! I don’t know, I couldn’t think, baka sobrang na-stunned ako, happy or I don’t know!” we talked and talked na parang walang mapupuntahan kasi that moment, sobrang na-block yong utak ko, na-blanko din ako, everything was so different coz nakikita ko siya, I can even hold him, different from what we used to have. With all his galit, dahil sa sobrang gulo ng utak ko, the following day, he decided to leave.

I thought that was an end of us. Again, we tried but I could still feel his pain through his blog entries. I know he was hurt that I couldn’t decide coz all he thought I am brave enough to stand and fight for what we had. I failed him. Days passed, when we had our fights, it’s painful already because may mura na, sisihan, kwentahan, sobrang abusive na at hindi ko na kinaya. I was studying & I tried to hold everything I could at that time, it was tough, a super hell ride. I kept it all by myself, all alone, I journeyed it. It was a failure of me that’s why hindi ko sinasabi.

One day, an old blogger friend asked me “are you still two okay?!” and I told him, I don’t know, why did you asked. He simply told me, I think you better check his blog & fb account. So I did. I found out that, he is busy preparing for their wedding sa babaeng nabuntis niya and his old friend. I paused & said to myself “ayy ganon?!” sa kagagahan ko I message him and said “congrats, finally, yong inasam asam mo!” I thought he will just say thank you pero epic failed dahil madaming mura ang inabot ko, sisi, sumabog ulit siya sa galit. So like ako, ok. I went offline for long.

I focused myself sa school, family & friends. I kept myself so busy na halos paguuwi ako biglang matutulog sa pagod. I have been happy with my friends that time too so kering keri. Until I received an email from him, telling everything behind sa pagpapakasal niya, sa buhay niya, sa galit niya. I didn’t have the courage to reply anymore or to say something (bumalik ang long time loved one at this time chos!) dahil I don’t want to feel na ginagago ko ang sarili ko or itong isang tao na bumalik, never na akong nagcare to reply pa. Yong ending din naman that year, double dead ako!

I know he’s just around in this corner sa blog na ito. If you able to read this, I just wanted to say sorry for all the pain I have caused you, for the promises I made and for the time and your dream to be wasted. The love I had for you was real & true. I never cheated you either like you always assume & claim it. Defense mo na kasi yon dahil alam mo na sa sarili mo na you are just pushing me away dahil you already had a new commitment. Years passed already & like you said “if it’s meant to be, kahit saan pa at ano pa, mangyayari!” I always remember that. I never replied to your email because I have no more reason to do that, this time, I held everything, as much as I could share everything I had inside, pinigilan ko na. You’ve made me a better person as well as I valued myself even more. Yes, I felt so betrayed but even so, I learned to trust. Whatever it is, I am happy for you & I am sincere with that. Thank you for everything, it was worth it, walang nasayang, coz we journeyed our life together.



  1. Chances. Minsan ang daling sabihin, ang sarap isipin, pero ang totoo, when it's all gone, it's all pain. It's all shoulda-woulda-coulda. I for myself, that when I get my chance, I hope it's gonna be the last. I hope. I can only hope.

    Bakit ba ako humuhugot? Bakit ba ganito ang music? Hahaha

  2. oh it hurts! But the best is yet to come. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow lumo-love life ka pala Telalah! Bakit di ko nasubaybayan ang kabanatang ito ng buhay mo? :)

    May scandal bang kasama sa files o puro wholesome emo emo lang? :) Mwahs!

  4. uy, love story itech! kaya lang di happy ending. sana ang next love story ay happy ending na. God bless lalahbells, good luck sa susunod na journey. :)


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