Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Telepay it forward

woooootttt paaakkk parraaakkkkk paaaakkkkk... hehehehe HINDI ito NAPOLES hahaha nadadamay ang ibang NGO na tunay at tapat sa kanilang mission dahil lang sa Napoles na yan. Sorry with the too much judgment about that Napoles thing... hehehe takip na ang aking bibig dyan. charmos ginamosh hahaha

ang alam ko at sigurado akong hindi ito kasama sa napoles trend na yan dahil never sila lumapit sa mga politician dahil isa lang ang alam ko, they're afraid na lalagyan ng tao ng politician ang mission nila at isa pa eh walang halong politika ang kanilang mission sa pagtulong sa mga batang namulat sa katotohanan sa buhay.

This is our personal letter ng kasama kong intern sa center... i hope this is not against the rules and regulations sa blog. hehehe

 Hello ate and kuya

As you may know we are on our first semester as Social Work Interns. Since June, we have been given an opportunity to share our time and effort in helping the girls at the Nehemiah House. Some of you may not be aware of neither the center's existence nor its function, let me go ahead and tell you a bit about it...

The Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Nehemiah House Inc. is a 24 hour residential care facility registered, licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), which caters to females, aged 8-17 years old, who are victims of sexual abuse, maltreatment, abandonment and child trafficking. It has been operating for over 13 years and has changed the lives of hundred of girls in crisis.

 The girls are kept in the center for safekeeping and interventions like education, counseling and assistance on legal matters; as well as social and spiritual development. Yes, they are away from their families but this is only a temporary situation - only until justice has been served or a safer environment for the child has been established.

This OCTOBER 11, 2013 we are conducting a Family Day for these girls. This is a once a year activity aimed to reconnect and bond the girls with their family. Some of these kids have not seen their loved ones in years.

Emotional and moral support from their families are usually done through telephone conversations or through letters. This time, we are opening a moment to let these kids feel the love through hugs and kisses, or even just a smile or reassurance from their family members.

A fund raising program is also initiated for a construction of a study area for the girls as they journey through their academic dreams. Help us mend the lives of these girls. Each one has a story to tell- all have wounds needed to be healed. Let us do what we can to make their lives brighter.

Be one of the chosen few who are willing to make this activity a success and create a life changing event for these kids. You can participate by helping out through cash or in kind. Feel free to ask me questions and I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. All we are asking is for you to pay it forward.

Best regards


  1. I would love to help Lalah for these girls, although not much, but still it will help a bit. Hope the PBO will be involved. Can you email me how I can donate for the cause?
    My email add:

  2. I would love to help Lalah for these girls, although not much, but still it will help a bit. Hope the PBO will be involved. Can you email me how I can donate for the cause?
    My email add:

    1. thanks mami joy, yes mami joy they can also be part of it hmmm hindi pa kami nagusap ni senyor or any officers regarding on this kasi we just finalize the letter kanina pa po mami. il send it sa fb niyo po yong details. thanks mami joy the girls will be happy about this.

  3. wow... sana maging okay ang lahat....

    musta na... miss U ^^

  4. Dear lala,

    Kumusta ka na? Natutuwa naman ako makabalik para tumambay at maki epal dito sa blog mo.

    As for your request, may naisip kaming paraan ni governor at ni senator kung paano namin I-forward sa iyo ang aming PDAF. Hehehe! I'm just kidding! No NGO in its right mind would even consider being financially associated with a congressman or a senator unless puno ka na ng kababuyan sa sarili at sa budhi, in shirt, unless Janet Napoles ka na.

    I hope everything will go well diyan sa center niyo. Wish I could help but right now naka focus ako at nag commit ng tulong sa isang foundation at sa Save the Children.

    You're doing the Lord's work. God bless!

  5. another great cause! suportahan kita jan girl!


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